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Always bring protection.

Movie DetailsTitle : Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Release Date : 2015-10-23

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Runtime : 93 Minutes

Synopsis Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) We certainly get the inside joke about wanting to skewer something as raucous and ridiculous as lambasting nonsensical and numbing grade B horror flicks that are worthy of such scrutiny. After all, the temptation is just too much to resist in not exposing such throwaway thrills of intentional insipidness, correct? Plus, incorporating a mixture of smarmy filth and frolic involving menacing zombies, hormonal teens, bouncy bimbos and any other fright-driven clich├ęs that one can think immediately off-the-cuff should be enough to satisfy the creepy concoction of craziness, right? …

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Torn Apart. Driven Together.

Movie DetailsTitle : Jayne Mansfield's Car

Release Date : 2013-07-25

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 122 Minutes

Synopsis Jayne Mansfield's Car (2013)

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Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up.

Movie DetailsTitle : Young Adult

Release Date : 2011-12-16

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 94 Minutes

Synopsis Young Adult (2011) Young Adult tells the story of 37-year-old Mavis Gary – a pathologically unhappy, immature, egotistical girl in a grown woman's body. Upon hearing of her ex-boyfriend's new born baby, she decides that they are still meant for each other, and the fact that he is now happily married to The Perfect Woman is but a minor detail on their road to eternal bliss. More simply put… Mavis is bat s*** crazy.

Going into this movie, I thought it was going to be a hilarious comedy, full of LOL moments. Actually it is nothing of the sort. Thinking about it, seeing the way this "adult" woman lives out her life (sleeping till noon, living in a pigsty, forgetting to take care of her dog …

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If a family doesn't stick together, sometimes you have to use a little tape.

Movie DetailsTitle : Family Weekend

Release Date : 2013-03-28

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 105 Minutes

Synopsis Family Weekend (2013) **Time for parents to learn some lessons!**

First thing, it was not your a typical film. Though it lacked the proper story structure. The concept seems silly. Like only for cinematically happenable. Since it is not about so serious, they had to cover all scenes, events within its classification, which were not bad actually. But the thing is, it is an R film with the majority of the cast was children. In reality, most of them were in their 20s, but the story wise, they are teens.

A teenager decides to take hostage of her parents to teach them some lesson for not attending her sporting competition. Her siblings join, and a couple of outs…

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A lyrical tale of two solitary, playful and young souls.

Movie DetailsTitle : Jess + Moss

Release Date : 2011-01-23

Genre : Drama, Romance

Runtime : 83 Minutes

Synopsis Jess + Moss (2011)

Jess Moss 2011 IMDb ~ Jess 18 and Moss 12 are second cousins who have spent their summers together since either of them can remember Without immediate families that they can relate to and lacking friends their own age all they have is each other Through a series of memories and vignettes Jess Moss recounts the events of the last summer they shared togetherJesse Moss IMDb ~ Jesse Moss Actor Tucker and Dale vs Evil Jesse Moss was born on May 4 1983 in Vancouver British Columbia Canada He is known for his work on Tucker and Dale vs Jess Moss 2012 Rotten Tomatoes ~ Jess age 18 Sarah Hagan and Moss age 12 Austin Vickers are second cousins in the darkfire tobacco fields …

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Who do you trust?

Movie DetailsTitle : Before I Go to Sleep

Release Date : 2014-09-03

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Runtime : 92 Minutes

Synopsis Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

sleep Dizionario ingleseitaliano WordReference ~ sleep Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti e discussioni del forumSleep Wikipedia ~ Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body characterized by altered consciousness relatively inhibited sensory activity inhibition of nearly all Sleep paralysis Wikipedia ~ Sleep paralysis is when during awakening or falling asleep a person is aware but unable to move or speak During an episode one may hallucinate hear feel or see Evening use of lightemitting eReaders negatively affects ~ Evening use of lightemitting eReaders negatively affects sleep circadian timing and nextmorning alertnessScience Nature Human B…

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A personal raincloud can be deadly...

Movie DetailsTitle : Struck by Lightning

Release Date : 2012-04-20

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 90 Minutes

Synopsis Struck by Lightning (2012)